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Let us take the complexity out of meal planning for you. We offer weekly or fortnightly personalised meal plans tailored to your food preferences, health goals, lifestyle and medical requirements. Each meal plan is customised to your nutrient needs and includes full recipes, grocery list and nutritional breakdown. 

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7 or 14-day meal plan, including 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. 

Detailed recipes with photographs.  

Grocery list to support meal planning.


Meal plan specifically built for you, taking into account your preferences, habits, access to appliances, medical history and goals. 

Optional add-in of daily full nutritional breakdown, including maco and micronutrient composition and calorie counts at no extra cost. 

Portion guidance

Meal plan sent directly to you - laptop, phone and iPad compatible.

you recieve

Optional add on 

You can choose the option of including a full nutritional breakdown of each day of your meal plan at no extra cost. This includes all macro and micronutrient compositions, as well as calorie counts.

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It is highly recommended that you book an initial consultation prior to the creation of a meal plan. This allows us to go through your goals and medical history and gain a greater understanding of what you require.


This ensures that the right meal plan is being created for you and your circumstances.

However, if you are not wishing to book a consult and would like a simple meal plan, this can be arranged. Please contact me to arrange a time to discuss. 


  • 7-day meal plan $130

  • Low FODMAP 7-day meal plan $200

Meal Plan adjustments: Simple adjustments to meal plans are no extra charge (i.e: Less than 3 changes) More than 3 changes are $10 per change. 

The price of the meal plan may vary on the complexity of the client, medical requirements, your goals and meal plan duration

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