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Sprout Nutrition

Looking for a consultation with a plant-based dietitian? We offer 1:1 consultations, couples consultations and dietary assessments as well as personalised meal plans on request. We offer our services to cater to a range of conditions. Please see how we can help page for more information on this.

Initial Consultation $15o (45 - 60 minutes) 

The process:

In-depth assessment of your medical history and biochemical markers, health status, eating behaviours and social history. 

Determine current health status and set personal goals.


In-depth dietary analysis of your current diet. 


Individualised nutrition education directed at your personal requirements. 


Creation of a personalised eating plan tailored to your requirements as well as supplement recommendations, shopping lists and food preparation advice.


Provide practical tips and realistic recommendations to help you maximise your health.


You will receive educational nutrition resources and a detailed summary of the consult and your personalised plan /goals via email.


Personalised meal plans on request at an additional fee.


You may be eligible for Medicare rebates through the Chronic Disease Management Program. Please see FAQ for more details.

Review Consultation $90 (20 - 30 minutes) 

The process:

Re-evaluation of your progress, goals and previous strategies discussed. ​

Further nutrition education for your conditions or goals. 

Discussion of potential barriers. 

Assessment of symptoms.

Adjustment of plans if required.

Ongoing monitoring and support. 

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